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Crafting texts

Read this essay by Barry Lopez:

A Literature of Place

And then also this piece by Mark Tredinnick:

Literature's power is in self not identity

Part One: write 200-300 words explaining what you think are two important pieces of advice about writing you gleaned from reading these articles.

Next, read two of the following pieces of writing that explore the idea of place:


Next, read this chapter about 'creative non-fiction' writing (which the above essays are all examples of):

Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction


Part Two: write 400-500 words analysing what your two chosen writers are doing to write engaging creative non-fiction. Include at least two supporting quotations from each article (at least four in total).

Reading for the Botanic Gardens activity

Crafting texts - following a visit to the Botanic Gardens

Option #1

This builds on an excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens.  When at the gardens, do the following:


  1. Take photos of five different trees/plants/landscapes (make sure you bring your phone, or you can ask to borrow a classmate's phone). Try to take them from different parts of the gardens and try to take photos that are different to those of your classmates.
  2. Note down (could also be a photo) any information about your chosen tree/plant/landscape, either from a sign at the venue or from the website (also see the map).
  3. Also note down any aspects that aren't visual or captured by your photograph (e.g. location in the gardens; senses other than the visual, such as scents, sounds, how natural objects feel to the touch).
  4. Also note down your personal reaction to your chosen tree/plant/landscape: does it have a personal connection for you in any way? does it evoke any memories? what about emotions such as awe, or sadness or happiness?

In the rest of our classes this week you will bring together your notes and write a creative non-fiction piece of writing based on the excursion and your photos and notes. You must draw on at least one of your photos and you will include that photo or photos in your post below.


You may wish to consider these pieces in connection with your piece:


Bearing these points in mind, write about 400-500 words of a creative non-fiction essay, plus another 100-200 words of written explanation (is there any advice you took from the above articles or links provided? how have you created a compelling opening? etc.).

Alternative options