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A global pandemic treaty, communication vulnerabilities, and talking to animals (ABC radio episode)

The world will soon have a universal pandemic treaty, but will all countries sign on and will it prevent future lockdowns?
Also, how vulnerable are our undersea cables? And could technology one day allow us to talk with animals?

Sustainability podcasts

Listen to podcasts about sustainability on Sustainababble.

Big closets small planet: It’s a well-known fact that fast fashion and the fashion industry as a whole have a detrimental effect on the environment. This environmental podcast dives into the problems that the industry currently faces and examines the strategies and solutions that we need to take on to transform it. 

The third of environmental podcasts on Earth.Org’s list is How to Save the Planet. Brought to you by environmental charity Friends of the Earth, this podcast discusses popular stories from the climate movement and breaks down often-complex issues, like environmental racism, eco-anxiety and fracking. 

Sustainableish: Hosted by Jen Gale, this podcast is for those who want to learn about the ways their actions affect the planet and how they can live more sustainable lives. Gale chats to inspiring people to talk about the changes they’re making and the businesses and campaigns that they’re running. 

The Wild: A podcast about celebrating the world we live in and finding a connection with it in order to protect it, hosts Andy McDonald and Jonathan Carson chat to guest sportspeople, creatives and leaders who talk about their adventures and conservation efforts. 

The Jane Goodall Institute is currently working with Dr. Goodall to produce a podcast series which includes fireside chat conversations with influencers, leaders from business, policy and NGO industries with topics related to Jane’s vision for making the world a better place for all. Each episode breaks down systems, ideas, and barriers to open the ability for every individual to act. 

Think Sustainably: This environment podcast focuses on sustainability and the overall impact of consumption. While less of a story-driven podcast, there is a lot of information and recent research regarding environmental issues.




Everything Is Country
This is a 33min podcast from Wiradjuri man, Assoc. Prof Michael Shawn Fletcher, who explains how 'Everything is Country' and promotes the obligations of humans to care for nature and the ecosystem of which they are a part. 

I see Country as the world around us, what we live in, but also ourselves, says Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher, descendant of the Wiradjuri, Director of Research Capability at the Indigenous Knowledge Institute and Assistant Dean (Indigenous) in the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne.

Everything is Country | Pursuit by The University of Melbourne

“Country recognises the role and the obligations that people have in the world around them. It doesn’t abstract the world from ourselves, it actually embeds us within the world around us and reveals the kind of reciprocity or the obligation that we have to the world in caring for it and looking after it.