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Our Fragile Environment: Task

Our Fragile Environment 

Thinking about how humans relate to and impact the environment 

As a way of getting you thinking about human beings’ impact on the environment and our relationship with the natural world, here are a range of recent news items that might spark some discussion next lesson.  Choose three that interest you and research more about them (Google the news):  


1. A radioactive capsule the size of a 10c piece goes missing along a 140,000km stretch of highway in Western Australia 
2. A giant fish tank bursts in Germany. 
3. A teenage athlete declines to represent Great Britain in a competition in Australia due to climate concerns. 
4. A Przewalski's horse is cloned from 42-year-old DNA. 
5. The Sami reindeer herders of northern Sweden struggle to survive the changing Arctic. 
6. Vending machines in Japan are now selling whale meat. 

7. The President of Kiribati demands that wealthy nations assist in an ambitious plan to raise islands out of the water

8. Half of all the world’s glaciers predicted to be gone by 2100

For each of your chosen news stories, consider (note down in your workbook) what they suggest to you in response to these questions: 

  • Who are the stakeholders and what is at stake for humans and the environment in this issue?  Is there a broader issue? 

  • How do individuals and societies relate to the environment (what values are at play or are in conflict)? 

  • What questions or thoughts does this raise for you? 


YisookⅠ: Environmental themes in Art

  • Title: YisookⅠ
  • Creator: Kim, Juyeon
  • Date created: 0200/2002
  • Type: Installation
  • Medium: Textile 7 washbasin

Source: Google Arts and Culture

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