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About Choe Uram

Choe was born in Seoul, South Korea. He is a contemporary artist who works with kinetic sculpture.[1] His grandfather was a scientist who designed early automobiles, and his parents were sculptors. As a child he began exploring art with clay. He graduated from Chungang University in Seoul, where he earned B.F.A. in 1992 and M.F.A. in 1999.[2]

November 2006 marked U-Ram Choe's United States debut, as he opened a solo exhibition at bitforms gallery in New York.[3] Since then he has exhibited at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville;[4] the Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art inDallas;[5] the 2008 Liverpool Biennial at FACT, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool;[6] Shanghai Biennial; Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo;[7] NTT Intercommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo; Art Basel; Seoul Museum of ArtSungkok Art Museum, Seoul; Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan; Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna; Beijing Expocenter; Seoul Olympic Art Museum;[8] Asian Art Triennial;[9] and Manchester Art Gallery.[10]

Source: Wikipedia

Korean artist U-Ram Choe lives and works in Seoul where he creates highly ornate kinetic sculptures that mimic forms and motions found in nature. Choe uses various metals, motors, gears, and custom CPU boards to control the precise motions of each sculpture that are at times perfectly synchronized and other times completely random. With names like “Unicus – cavum ad initium” and “Arbor Deus Pennatus” it’s clear the artist treats each new work like a brand new species.

The artworks are so complex each “organism” is shipped with a manual to show collectors and galleries how to maintain and fix various components. Choe tells the Creator’s Project in one of the videos above how some of the works in his studio live a complete lifecycle where they are at first born and put on display, but after time begin to degrade as certain parts stop working. Eventually he raids old artworks for parts and uses them to build new ones.



Art Works

Insecta Lamp, 2013

Cakra Lamp, 2013

Ourobos, 2012

Custos Cavum 
metallic material, resin, motor, gear, custom CPU board, LED

SG, 2010 
metalic material, resin, motor, gear, custom CPU board, LED

Una Lumino Portentum, 2009 

Scientific name : Anmopispl Avearium cirripedia Uram
metallic material, motor, LED, CPU board, polycarbonate

Kinetic sculptor puts cyberdreams in motion

Through his prodigious understanding of robotics, U-ram Choe sees motion as a necessity in his work, creating moving, futuristic sculptures.

For more information:

Choe also has a huge archives of videos of his works on Vimeo.

Uram Choe's website

New Urban Species Exhibition

Choe Uram drawings for works