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Korean Contemporary Art: Lee Ji Yen

From the artist

'Life is compartmentalized- the subsistence of existence makes it difficult to think otherwise-from blink of an eye, to breathing to sleeping and waking, to ingesting food and discharging waste, even so far as to making noise. Perhaps the living body is merely flesh that whittles away its own existence?' - Lee Ji Yen. 

Source: Korean Eye

About the artist

Jiyen Lee was born in Korea in 1979. She attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hongik University, Seoul, in 2005 and a Master’s Degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2010. River flows in You p.1 is a collage of digital images of people going up and down stairs at different times. Lee’s aim is not to depict a space but to pursue the accumulation of different times. The people within the images resonate with a kind of time and space where there is no beginning or end. Lee’s artwork has been exhibited in China and the UK. She has also participated in several group exhibitions including the ‘Collage of Memory’ at Soka Art Center Beijing, the ‘Art Edition 2010’ at BEXCO, Busan and the MFA Degree Show at Goldsmith’s Ben Pimlott Building, London.


About the art work

Korean artist Jiyen Lee has created a series of hypnotizing digital collages that present people going up and down stairs, as seen from a bird's eye view. Each puzzling assemblage features an unidentifiable traffic of pedestrians on an endless journey. It also remains unclear whether they are actually ascending or descending the steps in front of them, as Lee has taken the artistic liberty of reconfiguring images in unimaginable compositions. Like an M. C. Escher painting, the artist's digitally manipulated images present a saturation of staircases with no perceivable beginning or end.

Source: My Modern Met

Digital collages depicting people going up and down stairs at different times. The people seem to exist in a space where there is no beginning or end.


Art works

River flows in you p 1, 2012. Pigment printon aluminium plate.

Walking on air, 2012, pigment print, Mulasec.

Above the Timberline, 2011. Pigment print, collage, aluminium panel.