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Korean Contemporary Art: Bae Yoon Hwan

Art works

Christmas, 2008. Acrylic, enamel, oil stick on canvas. Bae Yoon Hwan.


Art Works

Mr Big Hertz, 2010 - Bae Yoon Hwan

Enamel on canvas

Art works

Art Works

Kamchatka's Life, 2011 - Bae Yoon Hwan

Oil stick, crayon, collage

Bae Yoon Hwan talks about his art

I observed my works meticulously, one by one, like a sort of Jean-Henri Fabre who became famous for his Sourvenirs Entomologiques. I felt like my works were swarming ants, caterpillars or something like that. It was as though they were running through m y head. At first, I wanted to catch and exterminate all of the imaginary living things. But my cerebral frequency ordered me to crossbreed and excrete all of my ideas; my mind was swarming with mice, larvae and ants. Then they were transferred without difficulty to art works. Next, I tried to cultivate tidy land for a while. But eventually I realized that I am unable to decide and fix what I want my attitude to work to be. that's because the way I work is not something that I can decide for myself. It is something that just decides itself. When I realized that, I was worried: "What if I have a kind of mental disorder?" But I felt comfortable as soon as I understood that I don't need to settle my work process, and all those things that I've done have their own peculiarities and meanings. I can probably say that I have built a world that can be harmonious with all things - such as the swarming ants and larvae. In a natural manner, my images became sequences of smooth curves, yet my brain still gives me orders to think through my unique frequency. 

Source: Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art, p. 40