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Korean Contemporary Art: Lee Jaehyo

About Lee Jaehyo

Lee Jaehyo's website.

Lee Jaehyo: from the smallest detail, a nail hammered into a burnt slab of wood, to monumental constructions of sliced timber, Lee Jaehyo is at one with his materials. one is immediately struck by the perfection of his craftsmanship, and led to reflect on the may long hours of physical labour that must have gone into the production of these immaculate and intricate objects.

Source: LondonKoreanLinks

The sculptor Jaehyo Lee works with wood (chestnut, camellia and pine), steel bolts and nails. There is no attempt at disguising the materials; quite the opposite – their simplicity and humility is celebrated and honoured in the most skilful way. The results are astonishingly beautiful. As the exhibition catalogue rightly points out, nature and artifice are brought together as yin and yang and the combination is both powerful and harmonious. It has to be said, however, that not all of these sculptures, especially those made from wood, give of their best in a gallery environment. It makes perfect sense that some of his work has been commissioned to reside in fashionable hotel interiors.


Works: steel

Works: stone

Works: Paper

Works - wood, 2009

Works: wood and nails


Works: objects

Works: Paper