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MHS Library | Year 9 Plant Project

Outline of this project:

Start with the task!

Before you start to plan, you must make sure you understand the task, and if there is an assessment rubric, you should familiarise yourself with it.

For this project you will need to:

  • Carry out some background research into what plants need to grow:

Eg. What is the idea behind the variable you have chosen to examine?
You will need to look at focus questions to form the basis of your introduction:

  • Why did you choose the topic?
  • description of the plant you have used
  • Why is this plant suitable for this project
  • discuss factors which typically affect plant growth
  • Discuss your variable and your reasons for selecting this variable.         
  • Select an independent variable for the investigation

Consider an independent variable for the investigation.

Add a list of references to form your bibliography (APA)
Use in-text citations in your introduction.

Notice the call numbers indicating where to find these books

We will put aside a collection of books for you, but you could search the catalogue using keywords in case we missed any. 

Research Process

  1. Plan how you will tackle the research. Brainstorm your ideas before you limit your search.
  2. Identify possible resources to use such as: journal articles, books, newspaper articles, magazines or websites.
  3. Locate resources in the library and online. Know where to find these.
  4. Evaluate the resources you have found critically. Are they relevant/authoritative/appropriate level?
  5. Document the details of the resources you use. This will help you find the information if you want to revisit it, and also provide you with details for your bibliography.


Seasonal planting guide