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MHS Library | Year 9 Plant Project

Outline of this project:

Start with the task!

Before you start to plan, you must make sure you understand the task, and if there is an assessment rubric, you should familiarise yourself with it.

For this project you will need to:

  • Carry out some background research into what plants need to grow
  • Consider a variable for the investigation
  • Add a list of references and acknowledgements (bibliography)

Your learning goals are:

  • Plan and conduct a scientific investigation that is a fair test
  • Record, analyse and communicate the results
  • Evaluate the quality of the data collected and identify improvements 

Finding books

Research Process

  1. Plan how you will tackle the research.
  2. Identify possible resources to use such as: journal articles, books, newspaper articles, or websites.
  3. Locate resources in the library and online.
  4. Evaluate the resources you have found critically.
  5. Document the details of the resources you use.


Evaluating resources

Evaluating resources:

A number of factors must be considered when analysing the resources that you have used, such as:

  • The scientific content - is it accurate or not?
  • The detail provided - is the information discussed in depth or only superficially?
  • The accessibility of the language - is it easy to read and understand?
  • The credibility of the source - can you trust the information given by the source?
  • The bias or impartiality of the source - are both sides of the argument covered equally?

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Guide created by Tania Sheko. Contact me