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The Secret River. Quarterly Essay 1/10/2006, issue 23, p16-28
The article focuses on how fiction writers attempt to write on historical topics in light of the novel "The Secret River," by novelist Kate Grenville. The author noted that the novel presented a value-added history, one that is given life and flesh by the imagination of a novelist. Statements of Grenville during an interview claiming that fiction writers are a step above historians in getting inside the experience of history are discussed.
The History Question: response by Kate Grenville. Quarterly Essay, Issue 25, p66-72
The article presents a response to the essay "The History Question" by Inga Clendinnen. The author focuses on Clendinnen's discussion of her book "The Secret River," focusing on others' perspectives on the book's role as history. Topics discussed include the role of fiction in writing history, the act of basing fictional works on historical events and figures, and statements made by critic Mark McKenna.
The History Question: response to correspondence by Inga Clendinnen. Quarterly Essay 1/3/2007, issue 25, p73-77
A response is presented from the author of the essay "The History Question," which discusses the book "The Secret River" by Kate Grenville. The author discusses the historical aspects of the work, the role of intent in the authorship of historical fiction, and the misrepresentation of authorship intent in critical works. Other topics include the fictional character William Thornhill, hero characters, and the concept of writing history.
Historical fiction and the allegorical truth of colonial violence in the proposition by Felicity Collins. Cultural Studies Review 1/3/2008, vol 14, issue 1, p55-71
The article focuses on the arguments associated with Kate Grenville's historical novel "The Secret River," and John Hillcoat's film "The Proposition." It cites that both works have generated debates about the historical value of realist novels and revisionist westerns that deal with the Indigenous and settler Australians' colonial violence. It discusses the truth status of historical fiction presented in Grenville's novel and the EuroAmerican argument on the representability of holocaust events.
Hidden memories and a secret river by Kate Grenville. The Times (UK) 7/7/2007, Books p7.
When “history changes who we were”, by Alice Healy. Australian Literary Studies 1/10/2008, Vol 23, Issue 4, p481-489
The article reviews several books, including "Searching for the Secret River" by Kate Grenville, "Agamemnon's Kiss: Selected Essays" by Inga Clendinnen, and "Is History Fiction?" by Ann Curthoys and John Docker.
Hollywood on the Hawkesbury by Robert Murray. Quadrant Magazine, 1/4/2007 Vol 51, Issue 4, pp 67-69
This article reviews the book "The Secret River" by Kate Grenville.
The myths and legacy of family: review by Peter Craven. Sydney Morning Herald 4/4/2015, Spectrum p. 32
A close read by Christina Schwarz. Atlantic 1/06/2006 vol 297, issue 5, p116
An excerpt from the book “The Secret River”, by Kate Grenville is presented with commentary on its writing style.