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Study Skills: Reading and note-taking

Resources to help students with study and study techniques

Visual Notetaking

Reading and note-taking

Reading and Note-taking online resources from UNSW

Effective Reading
Lengthy reading lists for courses and essays can be frightening, particularly when the subject is unfamiliar. This guide assists with reading strategies you will find helpful.

Reading for Understanding: The SQW3R Method of Study
Reading is one of the core activities of study. You need to be able to understand what you read and to be able to recall the main ideas when you need them. You can use the SQW3R method to improve your comprehension, to remember a reading for tutorials, seminars or to revise for exams.

Note-taking: an introduction
An outline of effective note-taking strategies to help you get the most out of lectures and readings. The guide suggests procedures such as symbols and abbreviations, diagrams and note cards.

Effective Note-making from Written Text
A simple method to use when you are making notes from any written sources of information.

Selecting Information
When you select material and information for your assignments, it should never be used indiscriminately should be a continual evaluation process occurring. This guide features a list of questions you should ask yourself when examining information.



Five powerful approaches to revision:

  • Retrieval Practice

  • Questioning and Elaboration

  • Concrete Examples

  • Spaced Practice

  • Interleaving

Rate of Forgetting with Study/Repetition

Note taking

There is no single way of taking notes. Browse these resources to find what suits you.

Cornell note taking template

Here is an example:

Or you can use it like this:

Cornell note taking

Cornell Note Taking

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