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MHS Library | Year 9 Design Task 2

Design Task 2

Analysis task

For this task, you'll start by researching the background of your provided example. You'll be given the art/design movement that the piece belongs to, and you are then to research the three social contexts that underpin the origins and ethos (spirit, meaning, goal) of the movement. You should cover:

  • Social factors - what was happening in society at the time? Was there a change in government? Were people starting to think a different way? How is change/mindset visible in your example?
  • Cultural factors - how did people's everyday lives change? were children thinking/acting differently from their parents? Is this hinted at in your example?
  • Economic/political factors - was there a change in how/what people were buying? Was there pressure from the government towards the public to act/think/behave a certain way? Does your example try to communicate this?

Covering each factor should be no longer than 100 words, so keep it concise! DO NOT respond in dot points, you should be writing in full sentences and cohesive paragraphs. 

Next, analyse the use of the two elements and principles (that you covered previously) in the use of the provided artwork. Use appropriate language, and refer to the PowerPoint slides from the DE&P presentation if you are unsure of the language you should be using. You should aim for around 100-150 words.