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MHS Library | Year 9 Design Task 2

Note-taking template

Art movement/style: Date/period/location:
Title of work: Name of designer/artist:
Social factors (100) Cultural factors (100) Economic/polit. factors (100)
2 art elements/principles (150 words max.)    
  • Social factors - what was happening in society at the time? Was there a change in government? Were people starting to think a different way? How is change/mindset visible in your example?
  • Cultural factors - how did people's everyday lives change? were children thinking/acting differently from their parents? Is this hinted at in your example?
  • Economic/political factors - was there a change in how/what people were buying? Was there pressure from the government towards the public to act/think/behave a certain way? Does your example try to communicate this?

Here's an example of a note-taking template

You could use a template like this one, but you could also create a custom-designed one to suit your needs.