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MHS Library | The Year My Voice Broke

Assessment Task

When films are produced, more footage is shot than is eventually used. In fact, often several endings (codas) are produced, and the best one is selected just prior to release.
This is your chance to change the coda of The Year My Voice Broke.
Your task is to produce a 500-700 word script for your alternate ending to the film. In the script you need to include:
Your piece must be prefaced by a 200-300 word written explanation, in which you advocate the inclusion of your alternate ending in the final cut of the film. In the preface, consider the following:
    • Dialogue
    • Sound cues
    • Stage direction
    Also include, in addition to your script, a hand-drawn screen shot from your coda. Include a description and justification of the camera angle, shot composition and lighting cues.
    Your script must be typed.
    Word limits will be strictly enforced. Excess words will attract penalties.
    Your piece will be assessed on:
      • What should the end of this film do?
      • What themes need to be resolved/addressed? How will you show this?
      • What about each of the characters? Are they satisfied? Have they learned anything? How will you show this?
        • Clear justification of choices, showing a thorough understanding of the film.
        • Originality of ideas.
        • Faithfulness of the coda to the rest of the movie.
        • Clarity and fluency of expression.
        • Accuracy and detail of hand-drawn screen shot.

The Year My Voice Broke is a 1987 coming of age drama film written and directed by John Duigan and starring Noah TaylorLoene Carmen, and Ben Mendelsohn.

Set in 1962 in the rural Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, it was the first in a projected trilogy of films centred on the experiences of an awkward Australian boy, based on the childhood of writer/director John Duigan. Although the trilogy never came to fruition, it was followed by a sequel, Flirting. It was the recipient of the 1987 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Film, a prize which Flirting also won in 1990. (Wikipedia)

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