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MHS Library | Mythology - collections

Greek Mythology

Atwood, Margaret The penelopiad

Beye , Charles Rowan Odysseus: a life

Catran, Ken Odysseus

Cook, Jennifer Ariadne

Homer, The Iliad

Homer, The Odyssey also Hinds GN version)

Logue, Christopher War music

Malouf, David Ransom

Manfredi, Alessandro  Alexander series #1. #2, #3

Manfredi, Alessandro Spartan

Manfredi, Alessandro Tyrant (based on Dionysius)

McCaughrean, Geraldine. Greek heroes 398.20938

Catran, Ken Golden prince (Achilles)

Douglas, Sara Hade’s daughter (The Troy Game #1, also #2,3 &4)

Miller, Madeleine Song of Achilles

Wallace, Daniel Big fish (allusions to The Odyssey and Ulysses)

Trevaskis, Ian The Medusa stone

Roman Mythology

Romulus and remus

Ovid Metamorphoses 871

Aenid/Virgil The golden bough

Asterix – Castor & Pollux

Kelleher, Victor Dogboy


Le Guin, Ursulaa K. Lavinia (links to Aeneus)

Harris, Robert Imperium (?)

Iggulden, Conn The gates of Rome (?)

Scarrow, Simon Fight for freedom

Hughes, Robert Rome 945.63

Gibbon, Edward Decline & fall of the Roman empire (abridged 937.06)

Livy The war with Hannibal 937.04

Baker, Alan Gladiators: the secret history of Rome’s warrior slaves 937.06

Classical mythology : a guide to the mythical world of the Greeks and Romans 292.03

African Mythology

Okri, Ben The famished road

Influenced by Gk mythology Okri, Ben In Aracdia

Feral child (search in Wikipedia)

Kelleher Dogboy

Kiplig’s Mowgli

Burroughs, Edgar Rice Tarzan

Romulus & Remus (Roman)

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Amala & Kamala (Calcutta)




  Boldrewood, Rolf Robbery under arms

  Carey, Peter True history of the Kelly gang

 Clune, Frank Ben Hall (not in MHS Lib)

  Collins, Courtney The burial

  Disher, Gary Moondyne Kate

  Kelly, Ned The Jerilderie Letter 364.1552

  Moore, Laurie The true story of Jimmy Governor 364.1523

  Sharpe, Alan Bushranger country: a journey into history 994.03

  Terry, Paul In search of Captain Moonlite (not in MHS Library)

  Terry, Paul The true story of Ned Kelly’s last stand 364.155092

  Ben Hall

  Captain Midnite

  Stowe, Randolph

  Koch, Christopher Lost voices


  Sally Morgan My Place

  Mountford, Charles The dreamtime book  398.209915

  Ellis, Jean This is the dreaming: Australian Aboriginal legends 398.2

  The dreaming of Aboriginal Australia 298

  Reed, A.W Aboriginal myths 398.20994

  Reed, A.W. Aboriginal fables and legendary tales

  Marshall, Alan People of the dreamtime 398.20994

  Hulley, Charles Dreamtime moon 298

  Parker, K. Langloh Australian legendary tales 398.2

  Reed, A.w. Aboriginal legends: animal tales 398.20994

  Reed, A,W. Aboriginal myths: tales of the dfreamtiime. 398.20994

  Reed, A.W. Aboriginal fables and legendary tales 398.20994

  Noonuccal, Oogeroo Legends and landscapes 398.20994

  Mountford, Charles The dreamtime book 398.209915

  Mountford, Charles The dawn of time 398.20994

  Hulley, Charles The rainbow serpent 298

  Smith, William Ramsay Aborigine myths and legends 298

  Noonuccal, Oogeroo Australian legends and landscapes. 398.20994

Anzac Myth [celebration of failure? Cf with Ypres]

Lost child

  Picnic at Hanging Rock


  Lawson, Henry

  Bates, Barbara

  Wannan, Bill The Australian: yarns, ballads, legends, traditions of the Australian people 398.20994

  Wannan, Bill My kind of country: More Australian yarns, ballads and legends 398.20994

  Wannan, W. Australian folklore: a dictionary of lore, legends and popular allusions 398.20994

  Stewart, Douglas Australian bush ballads A821.008

  Beatty, Bill A treasury of Australian folk tales and traditions 398.20994


Burke & Wills

Harold Holt

Arthurian Mythology

Stewart, Mary The crystal cave

White, T.H. The once and future king

Lawhead, Stephen Dragon King series & Pendragon series

Cornwell, Bernard The winter king (Warlord chronicles#1)

Bradlwey, Marion Zimmer Mists of Avalon

Nix, Garth Across the wall series

Gemmell, David Stones of Power series

Crossley-Holland, Kevin The seeing stone (Arthur Trilogy #1, also #2 & #3)

Malory, Thomas Le morte d’Arthur  (MALO and 823.2),

Douglass, Sara The betrayal of Arthur (not in our collection – is a serious examination of King Arthur)

McCaffrey, Anne Black horses for the king

Walker, Malcolm The stone crown

Reeve, Philip Here lies Arthur

Cornwell, Bernard Enemy of God

Stone, Brian Sir Gawain and the green knight 821.1 SIR

Yeatman, Linda King Arthur and the knights of the round table 398.22

Spradlin, Michael P. The youngest Templar

Japanese Mythology

Hearn, Lian Across the nightingale floor

Matsuoke, Takashi Cloud of sparrows

Bradford, Chris The way of the sword & others in the Yound Samurai series

Haugaard, Eric Christian The revenge of the forty seven samurai

Soesbee, Ree The crane

OTOM graphic novel (?)

Clavell, James Shogun

Lake, Nick Lord Oda’s revenge

Yoshikawa, Eiji Musashii

Mitchell, David The thousand autumns of Jacob de Zoet

Shikibu, Murasaki Tales of Genji 895.631

Jippensha, Ikku Shank’s mare 895.6

Akutagawa, Ryunoske Rashomon 895.61

Wilson, Sean The book of five rings (graphic novel)

Japanese tales from times past: stories of fantasy and folklore from the Konjaku Monogatori Shu (would need to buy, published by Tuttle)

Yanagita, Kunio Tono Monogatori (The legends of Tono, would need to buy, published by Rowman & Littlefield)

Feist, Raymond Servant of the empire & Mistress of Empire [world very similar to feudal Japan?]

Davis, F. Hadland Myths and legends of Japan 398.20952

Japanese tales selected by Royall Tyler 398.20952



Chinese Mythology

Wu Monkey

Journey to each…



Werner, E.T.C. Myths and legends of China. 398.20951

Van Over, Raymond A Chinese mythology: a collection of Chinese folk tales and fables 398.2

Indian Mythology

Indian  294/ 398.209503



Arni, Samhita   Sita’s Ramayama

Arni, Samhita   The missing queen

Arni, Samhita    The mahabharatha

Egyptian Mythology

Jacq, Christian Ramses: The son of the light

Jacq, Christian The Tutankhamen affair

Brokaw, Charles The Atlantis code (?)

French, Jackie Pharoah: the boy who conquered the Nile

Jach, Antoni Napolean’s double (?)

Riordan, Rick The red pyramid (The Kane chronicles #1. Also The throne of fire #2, The serpent’s shadow #3)

Green, Roger Tales of ancient Egypt

Asimonv, Isaac The Egyptians (not MHS?)

Spence, Lewis Ancient Egyptian myths and legends (not MHS)

Mahfouz, Naguib Three novels of ancient Egypt (not MHS)

Joyce Tyldesley The pharaohs 932.01

Michelle Moran


Thompson, Tony Vampires: the unhistory of the undead 398.21

McLeod, Judyth A. Vampires: a bit-sezed history 398.45Polidori, John The vampire

Ryan, Alan The Penguin book of vampire stories

Warrington, Freda A taste of blood and wine

Meyer, Stephanie Twilight & others in Twilight saga

Mead, Richelle Vampire Academy  & others in Vampire Academy series

Shan, Darren The vampire’s assistant in Vampire Blood Trilogy & #4 Vampire mountain

Shan, Darren Birth of a killer

Harris, Charlaine From dead to worse

Harris, Charmaine Club dead

Stoker, Bram Dracula

Matheson, Richard I am legend

Vaughan, Brian K.  The long way home & others in Buffy the vampire slayer series GN

King, Stephen Salem’s lot

Rice, Anne Interview with the vampire

Rice, Anne The vampire, Lestat

Rice, Anne Armand

Le Fanu, Sheridan Carmilla

Smith, L.J. The vampire diaries

Harris,  Charlaine Dead until dark

Holder, Nanct Angel: the casefiles

Newman, Kim Anno Dracula

Kostova, Elizabeth The Historian

Ajvide, John Let the right one in

Grey, Elizabeth Caroline The vampire mistress

Check out haggard king solomons mines

Stevenson Jekyll 7& hyde kipling the vampire wells dr moreau, invisible man