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MHS Library | Graphic novels

Maus by Art Speilgelman

Baka-Tsuki (Japanese light novel)

Yen Press

The Watchmen by Alan Moore

Where to get your graphic novels

Paul Pope, alternative cartoonist

Make your own graphic novels

Comic Master creator

This website helps you create simple comic strips using set backgrounds and characters, which you can save and print. A great way to add creative spice to your school assignments.

Scholastic comic builder

You can create simple comics using graphics from popular Scholastic graphic novels such as Bone and Amulet.



100 great graphic novels you should read

100 great graphic novels you should read - list compiled by Mr Blair Mahoney

Graphic novel animation

American Born Chinese by Gene Yuen

The Watchmen by Alan Moore

Podcasts and websites

Comic conventions

Graphic Novels

A Bananaman movie could be on its way to the big screen, according The site gives little away about the proposed film beyond the legend #PEELTHEPOWER and the promise of a 2015 release date. It is stamped with the logo of DC Thomson, which has been publishing Bananaman comics for 34 years.


Graphic novel review sites