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MHS Library | VCE English issues: Indigenous voice to parliament

The Minefield

What would a First Nations Voice mean for Australia? 

with Waleed Aly, Scott Stephens

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You can read Professor Megan Davis’s explanation of the meaning and significance of a First Nations Voice to Parliament on ABC Religion & Ethics.


Faith groups and the struggle for a First Nations voice to parliament

One of the first things new PM Anthony Albanese has committed to is a referendum for a voice for Indigenous people in the constitution. There is a groundswell of support in the Australian public — including amongst faith groups. You don't hear much about religion and the Uluru Statement from the ...


Indigenous leaders call for a referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament

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Five years ago, First Nations leaders came together to make a landmark declaration. The Uluru Statement from the Heart was a rallying cry to give Indigenous communities more power to close the gap after two centuries of disempowerment.

At its core was a proposal to change the constitution to create an Indigenous advisory body known as the Voice to Parliament. The authors say the Uluṟu Statement should be an election priority for all parties. This report from Bridget Brennan and Alex McDonald.

The Uluru statement and Australia's next referendum

With a new Parliament to be sworn in soon, it's a momentous time for Indigenous Australians, who are now represented by more MPs and Senators than ever before. 

Added to that, the prime minister Anthony Albanese is promising to deliver on the Uluru Statement from the Heart, after five years of delay under the Coalition. 

That will require a referendum, the first Australians would face since the Republican vote in 1999. 

Today, the ABC's Indigenous Affairs editor, Bridget Brennan, on what could be a difficult path ahead.


Bridget Brennan, ABC Indigenous Affairs editor.

30 May 2022