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MHS Library | Contemporary black and white photography

Bill Henson

Untitled, 1983

Untitled, 1983

Untitled, 1980-82

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Annie Beaumel's window displays for Hermes

Latif Al Ani, Reimagining Iraq. Darbandikhan, c. 1960s

Latif Al Ani: American couple at Taq Kasra, Al Mada'in, Salman Pak, Baghdad, 1965

Tarkovsky's "Ivan's Childhood" 

Tarkovsky's "Ivan's childhood"

Tarkovsky's "Ivan's childhood"

Max Baur, Die Liebe zum Licht . Marguerite and meadow flowers. 1930s

Max Baur, Die Liebe zum Licht


Wang Ningde

Wang Ningde - Some Days No.9 某一天 No.9 (2002)

Wang Ningde, Some Days 1, 2002, gelatin silver print, 50 x 40 cm.

John Swope

Hal Morey, Beams of sunlight streaming through the windows at Grand Central Station, New York ,1930

Isabel Muñoz - The Pantheon , Rome, 1995

Sebastião Salgado, 2010

Herbert List, Bocca della verità, (The Mouth of Truth) , Rome, 1949

Julien Oncete , Dutch Angels , International Theatre Festival,Sibiu 2013

René Burri - Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1960 

Vivian Maier's Self Portraits 

Vivian Maier's self portraits

Carol Jerrems

John 'Hoppy' Hopkins

Mick Jagger at the Alexandra Palace, 1964, photographed by Hoppy Hopkins

J. K. Henshaw



BERENICE ABBOTT - City Arabesque, 1936

Paul Strand The Court, New York 1924

Ralph Steiner

Alfred Stieglitz

Hiromu Kira

Imogen Cunningham

Imogen Cunningham

Laura Gilpin

Margarethe Mather

Paul Outerbridge

Paul Outerbridge