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MHS Library | Radical Feminist Theory

Radical Feminist Theory (from Canvas)

The key aspects of the theory?

The theory is a way of analysing institution and religions and why they oppress the female sex. It also looks at how male superiority is reinforced through female inferiority. The theory relates quite starkly with conflict theory, with both theories identify conflicting social factions with a distinguishable power relationship.

Key aspects:

* Gender equality

* Female superiority (in extreme cases)

* Religions being used as a way to reinforce male superiority

* Theory of change

* Gender differences between males and females are minor there for there should be little to no difference between them in other aspects of life

What phenomena does it best explain?

The Radical Feminist Theory mainly explains gender inequality, particularly through the patriarchal roots of this inequality. The theory emphasises the social domination of men over women through the division of rights, privileges, and power mainly through sex.

The criticisms of the theory?