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MHS Library | Othello

Phoebe Boswell riffs on her conflicted attitude towards Othello

Language in Othello

Is Othello racist? Full debate - Royal Shakespeare Company

The portrayal of evil in Othello

Analysing Othello through understanding the character of Iago. Historic background to the play; Shakespeare's presentation of evil; motivation of Iago and Othello as victim; Judgement and Proof.

Major themes in Othello

This video looks at the various themes of love and jealousy, proof and judgement, as well as the symbolism in the handkerchief. 

Sparknotes summary for Othello

Is Othello a racist play?

The role of Iago (Othello) Royal Shakespeare Company

Hugh Quarshie: Is Othello a racist play?

Othello - new perspectives

This program attempts to define the nature of Othello's tragedy, while studying the various character relationships and the situation for women in the play.