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MHS Library | Year 9 - City Project

Learn the skills of research

Research is an integral part of your learning so it's important to learn how to find the information you need and also how to verify it: make sure it's true.

Follow this guide's instructions, finishing with the FakeOut test.

1. Locate information

1. Open our research guide

2. Check: How many steps are listed in the Research Cycle? (Check with the person next to you.)

3. Watch the video 'Why can't I just google?' What are the reasons given for why you can't just google everything? (Check with the person next to you.)

4. In the 'Search wisely' box on this page, follow the links to have a look at Google Scholar and databases and try a search of your choice (possibly something from a recent research assignment). (5 minutes)


2. Verify the information

When you're searching online, once you find the information you need, you need to make sure that your information is credible. Since social media is often a source of news and information, you should develop the skills of fact checking to make sure you are not a victim of misinformation.

Take the FakeOut test to see how you rate. The test will be in two parts with 3 short videos in between; make sure you watch these videos. 

Play FakeOut
Your social media feed has been infected by false information. Your job is to learn the skills of verification, so you can sort fact from fiction — in the game, and in real life.


FYI: Fact checking sites for your future reference

Here is a list of recommended fact checking sites for your future reference. You can also find them in our Fact Checking libguide.

Respected specialty sites cover niche areas such as climate or celebrities. Here are a few examples:

There are many fact-checking sites in different countries. Here is a small sample: