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MHS Library | Plant Project Year 9


Illuminating photosynthesis

Illuminating PhotosynthesisIlluminating Photosynthesis From PBS NOVA.

Plant biology lessons (Khan Academy)
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants (Khan Academy) - video lessons
Flower - parts of stamen, carpel (Khan Academy)
Pollination - Khan Academy (video)
Fertilisation and germination (Khan Academy - video)

Plant sensory systems and responses

Introduction to photosynthesis
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis basics;  Making sugar out of air, water, and sunshine;  Carbohydrates;  What's a carbon-based life form; Oxygen, carbon, and other things we're made of;  What a glucose molecule looks like. From Flying Turtle

Biology of Plants 

Plant cells - Crash Course


The following programs are available through ClickView:

This program provides two case studies of farms that have rehabilitated their salt-stricken land using a number of different methods and given hope to other communities around Australia.

This program presents 4 case studies of sustainable agriculture. * Whole form planning: inputs, outputs, erosion control, soil management, tree planting, water management, and salinity control. * Landcare: communities banding together. * Permaculture. * Inner city gardens.

Is irrigation in the Murray-Darling basin sustainable? While irrigation produces 36% of the agricultural profits from Australia's "food bowl", it does not come without a cost to the environment. Is salinity and degradation of biodiversity of the MDB too high a price to pay? This program examines the development of irrigation and irrigation methods to give students an understanding of the use of water in the MDB for the production of fruit, pastures, rice and cotton. Possible future developments are also outlined to address key knowledge requirements of the Geography Study Design.


Soil, moisture and mulch


Feeding your plants : a guide to do with all things (plant) food from Sustainable Gardening Australia
Plant nutrients explained : an awesome list of plant nutrients and why they are so important
Compost, worm and weed teas : How do you make and use them? What are their pros and cons?

Plants and lights

Plants on the move! An experiment with phototropism.

Plant phototropism experiment : Do plants move towards some colours more than others?


Greywater info : so what is grey water
Greywater detergents : if you want to re-use your greywater you need to be careful of the washing agents used
Greywater and pH 


The Living Soil : information about the soil food web