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Plant Growth Project Year 9: Home

Outline of this project:

The aim of the experiment is to:

  • manipulate a variable that will affect plant growth positively.You need to grow at least 6 plants and test out their variable.

Some possible topics include:

  • the effect of altering the concentration of a specified fertiliser, grey water or salt water on growth of a specific plant
  • finding the optimum mix of soils for the growth of a specific plant
  • which coloured lights have the greatest effect on the growth of a specified plant
  • what is the best type of mulch to maximise plant growth
  • worm numbers and plant growth

Your prac report needs to include:

  • Introduction including some background reading on the topic being investigated, aim, materials, method, results and observations, discussion, conclusion, bibliography and acknowledgements


The KWHLAQ chart may help you when you're working on this assignment

High quality information

To find high quality content, start with the Library's resources rather than a search engine and save time.

Finding books

Time lapse radish seeds sprouting, top and roots growing

Searching ejournals

Search eResources

Ebsco Host

  • Select Science Reference Centre
  • Select Advanced Search
  • Refine search by date of publication, publication type, document type and lexile reading level 
  • Enter keyword/s eg plant growth 
  • Search

In Ebsco:

  • Select Explorer Secondary Schools
  • Select Science and Math
  • Select a category eg. Photosynthesis
  • Refine your results

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