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God Bless You, Mr Rosewater

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Wealthy families, US

America’s richest families  (12/3/2009)

The wealthiest Americans ever  (2007)

What the richest Americans all have in common  (27/7/2015)

The 25 richest people who ever lived – inflation adjusted

Richest Americans in History

NEW YORK - 1 John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) Wealth: 1.53% of the U.S. economy.* America's first billionaire -- thanks to oil. 2 Cornelia Vanderbilt (1794-1877) Wealth: 1.15% of the U.S.economy. Built an impressive empire of steamboats and railroads. 3 John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) Wealth: 0.93% of the U.S. economy. His initial fortune came from the fur trade, then later in New York real estate. 4 Stephen Girard (1750-1831) Wealth: 0.67% of the U.S. economy. Made his money in shipping and later was the largest investor in the First Bank of the United States. 5 Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) Wealth: 0.60% of the U.S. economy. Started by building iron bridges for the railroads, then cashed in with steel. 6 Bill Gates (1955-) Wealth: 0.58% of the U.S. economy. King of the operating system; emperor of software. 7 Alexander Turney Stewart (1803-1876) Wealth: 0.56% of the U.S. economy.Founded the first department store in the United States. 8 Frederick Weyerhaeuser (1834-1914) Wealth: 0.55% of the U.S. economy. Built an empire on America's insatiable appetite for timber.

OTHER TECH TITANS IN THE TOP 100 38 Paul Allen (1953-) Wealth: 0.20% of the U.S. economy. The Microsoft cofounder ranks just after James J. Hill (1838-1916), who built an empire of railroads and towns in the Northwest, and just before Elias Hasket Derby (1739-1799), who made his fortune during the Revolutionary War in privateering and trade. Derby may have been America's first millionaire.61 Steve Ballmer (1956-) Wealth: 0.13% of the U.S. economy.

Microsoft's key tactician ranks after George Washington (1732-1799), who married one of the wealthiest widows in the nation, and before Anthony N. Brady (1834-1913), who consolidated New York transit systems and utilities.66 Michael Dell (1965-) Wealth: 0.12% of the U.S. economy. The Dell Computer founder ranks just after George Pullman (1831-1897), who came up with the idea of sleeping cars in trains, and just before Robert Wood Johnson Jr. (1893-1968), who started Johnson & Johnson. 90 Larry Ellison (1944-) Wealth: 0.07% of the U.S. economy. The Oracle CEO ranks before Captain Robert Dollar (1844-1932), who founded what would become the American President shipping line, and after Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), whose wealth came from the purchase of land. *Wealth figures calculated by dividing a person's total wealth by America's GNP at the time of the person's death, or if the person is still alive, by 1997 GNP figure. Rankings and historical information from The Wealthy 100 by Michael Klepper and Robert Gunther (Carol Publishing Group, 1996). Ranking of non-tech figures limited to only those listed in The Wealthy 100. The wealth calculated from the most recent publicly available SEC filings. Share price as of 5/21/98

Graphic novels

Graphic novels

Greenberg, Nikki The Great Gatsby
Moore, Alan Watchmen
Neufeld, Josh New Orleans after the deluge



The social network AV 791.4372 SOC (vid of Accidental billionaires)

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Wider Reading - Fiction

Alexie, Sherman The absolutely true story of a part-time Indian
Amis, Martin Money: a suicide note
Bellow, Saul The adventures of Augie March
Capote, Truman Breakfast at Tiffanys
Crace, Jim Arcadia
Doctoreau, E.L. Billy Bathgate  and  Ragtime and Down and out in the magic kingdom
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The sun also rises  and The last tycoon and The beautiful and damnedand Tender is the night and
The crack-up
Hinton, S.E. The outsiders    and Rumblefish
Kafka, Franz America
Lanchester, John Capital
McCoy, Horace They shoot horses don’t they
Pynchon, Thomas Bleeding edge
Rhinehart, Luke The dice man
Sherman, Alexie The absolutely true story of a part-time Indian
Steinbeck, John The grapes of wrathThornbery, Newton Dreamland    and  Cutter and bone
Toole, John Kennedy Confederacy of dunces  and The neon bible (?)
Vonnegut, Kurt Breakfast of champions
West, Nathanael Miss Lonelyhearts  and The day of the locusts
West, Rebecca The thinking reed
Westerfeld, Scott So Yesterday (market manipulation)
Wolfe, Tom  Bonfire of the vanities

Also Brett Easton Ellis, Cory Doctoreau


Barber, Stella Sidney Myer: a life, a legacy 381.1092
Barry, Paul The rise and rise of Kerry Packer 302.23092
Belfort, Jordan Catching the wolf of Wall Street 332.62092
Bissinger, H.G Friday night lights: a town, a team and a dream 796.332
[Dabkowski, Stephen & Reid, Annie John Ilhan: a crazy life 381.14092]
Ferguson, Adele Gina Rinehart 338.2092 FER
Griffin, John Howard Black like me 305.896073
Guthrie, Bruce Man bites Murdoch: four decades in print, six days in court 070.41
Isaacson, Walter Steve Jobs 621.39092
Kirby, James & Myer, Rob Richard Pratt: one out of the box; the secrets of an Australian billionaire 338.43676092
Mezrich, Ben The accidental billionaires MEZR
Perkins, John Confessions of an economic hit man332.042
Robertson, Jill MacRobertson: the chocolate king 338.7641853
Tuvvile, Jerome Murdoch: a biography 079.940924
Young, Jeffrey S. iCon: Steve Jobs; the greatest second act in business 338.76100416

Wider reading - Non-fiction

Belfort, Jordan The wolf of Wall Street 332.62092
Burton, Bob Inside spin: the dark underbelly of the PR industry 659.2
Fishman, Ted C. China Inc: the relentless rise of the new superpower 338.951
Haigh, Gideon Asbestos house: the secret history of James Hardie Industries 338.769195
Kirkpatrick, David The facebook effect 338.7610067
Klein, Naomi No logo 338.88 KLE
Levitt, Steven Freakonomics 330
McQueen, Humphrey The essence of capitalism: the origins of our future 338.766362
Quart, Alissa Branded: the buying and selling of teenagers 658.83408
Robin, Marie-Monique The world according to Monsanto: pollution, politics and power338.7660973
Ryan, Colleen Fairfax: the rise and fall 338.7
Timmerman, Kelsey Where am I wearing: a global tour to the countries, factories, and people that make out clothes338.4
Van der Plaat, Lawrence Too good to be true: inside the corrupt world of Christopher Skase338.61092
Vidal, John McLibel: Burger culture on trial 345.410256

Wider Reading - Not in our collection

Not in our collection
Banks, Russell Rule of the bone
Cormier I am the cheese
Doctoreau, E.L. Ragtime (1975) Waterworks (1994)
Duff, Turney The buy side (sim to wolf on wall st)
Heard, Nathan Hatred on the street
Smith, Greg Why I left Goldman Sachs
McCarthy, Cormac Blood meridian
McInerney, Jay Brightness falls
Mezrich, Ben Ugly Americans
Price, Richard The wanderers
Thomas Berger Crazy in Berlin (1958) Little Big Man (1964)


Capote, Truman In cold blood
Maughan, W. Somerset The razor’s edge
Tartt, Donna The secret history