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Year 9 Economics and Business: Use Google search smartly

Assessment Task 1: Oral Presentation

Using Google to get the best results

Google search: keywords

Google Search: News

Google Search: Search tools

Google Search: Search tools - specify time frame

Google Search: Search tools - limit results to Australia

Google Image Search


Google Image Search: Search tools

Google Images: Search tools - show sizes

Google Images: Search tools - Usage rights


Using the best keywords for your online search

These are examples of keywords you could use to search for information about your topic. You are not limited to these keywords.


1. Redistribution of Income.

"progressive tax"   "welfare"  "indirect benefits"

2. Slowing and accelerating economic activity

"interest rates"   "monetary policy"   "budgetary policy"

3. Competition in the market place

"ACCC" ("Australian Competition and Consumer Commission")

4. Protection of local industry

"subsidies"    "tariffs"   "Australian car industry"

5. Discouraging undesirable products

"cigarette excise"    "carbon tax"

6. Protecting the environment

"environmental law"    "carbon tax"

7. Population

"baby bonus"    "immigration"

Magazines and newspapers

Recommended reading/browsing: 

  • The Economist - copies located in the front of library with other magazines.
  • You can read/search through The Age and The Guardian online.