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MHS Library | Year 9 Economics and Business

Assessment Task 1: Oral Presentation


The aim of this assessment task is to analyse the role of government in the economy and society. The role of government is important for a number of reasons and this assessment task will provide an understanding of some of the issues relating to government intervention in Australia.

Structure of the Task: The task will require a class presentation by each group. The group will consist of no more than 4 students. Each group member must contribute equally to the presentation. The presentation will have a time limit of 8-10 to minutes - thus you will be speaking for just over 2 minutes each. You must create and present using Google Slides. You should include relevant images to support what you are saying. You should avoid having large chunks of text on your slides. You may not use a video in your presentation. It is recommended that you use cue cards to support your presentation.

Students must focus on how the government is addressing and intervening with the operation of the market in relation to the three key economic questions. Intervention involves a government taking steps to alter what is produced, how it is produced and for whom it is produced (how income is distributed). The government intervenes in the market for a range of reasons: you are to explore them in relation to your topic.

Each group will need to choose one topic from the list below:


1. Redistribution of Income.

2. Slowing and accelerating economic activity. 

3. Competition in the market place. 

4. Protection of local industry.

5. Discouraging undesirable products.

6. Protecting the environment. 

7. Population.

Once you have chosen your topic you need to consider the following issues as you research. Each group member should take one of the below.

1. What is the rationale for government intervention in the market? Why does the government get involved in this area of the market? e.g. Does the government intervene to redistribute income? If so, why? What would happen if the ‘free market’ was left to it’s own devices? Which stakeholders would win and which would lose? How so? Why does the government ‘care’ about these stakeholders?

2. How does the government intervene? What does the government do to affect change in this area of the market? e.g. What does the government do to accelerate/slow down economic activity? What programs does the government implement? What policies do they pass? What regulations do they make? How do these programs/policies/regulations intervene in the market? Which stakeholders do they affect? How are they applied?

3. What are the possible costs of intervention? What happens if the government intervenes? Does it cost the government money? Do it cost producers or consumers money? Are there non monetary costs associated: quality of life, environment, health? e.g. What are the costs of the government intervening in the market to protect local industries?

4. What is the appropriate level of intervention? Justify your decision. How much should the government be involved in the market? What are the pro’s and con’s of this level of involvement? What might happen in the government intervened more or less? e.g. To what extent should the government intervene with regards to population size? Why is this the correct level of intervention? 

Date of Presentations:

August 26th - August 30th


August 12 - August 15 =

  • Form groups of 4 (If odd numbers a group of 5 or 3 is ok)
  • Choose topic (no topic may be repeated in the class)
  • Allocate which group member will research which question.
  • Initial research w/ help of library staff on topic.
  • Decide on focus areas for your 2 minute talk, what will be your key points, does it answer the assignment requirement?
  • Build group Google Slide presentation
  • Ensure all group members join the same Presentation
  • Find images to support your presentation.
  • Populate slides with appropriate text to support what you are saying  

August 19 - August 23 = Final lessons to work on assignment + cue card creation + practice presentation.

August 26th - August 30 = Presentations + feedback 

Good initial reading on what and why a government intervenes

No fair go for Australia in 'laissez faire' agenda - comment in The Age newspaper

What policy instruments are appropriate for the GFC? Ross Gittins, Economics editor Sydney Morning Herald

Why governments intervene in markets

Should the government intervene in the economy?


Redistribution of income

Use the search box in each website to search keywords provided on the Google search page.

Australian Policy Online
eg Budget impacts of negative gearing
Business Council of Australia
Superannuation governance - article under 'opinion articles'

Department of Immigration and Border Protection
On Line Opinion

Stable Population Party

Protecting the environment

Use the search box in each website to search keywords provided on the Google search page.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Aid
Disaster Assist
ABC News (water page)
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Department of the Environment
National Water Commission
National Water Market

Economics and Welfare - Free Trade and Globalisation

Use the search box in each website to search keywords provided on the Google search page.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Trade page)
International Monetary Fund
On Line Opinion


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