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Biotechnology Documentary - Year 10 project: Online resources

On the Web

Biotechnology sites

Designer Babies

Designer babies Opposition to having a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, in order to create a 'saviour sibling', where a serious disease threatens the life of a living child. (Article)
Designer babies: Ethical considerations Issues resulting from advances in genetics, that may make it possible to 'select' children's genes and characteristics.
Designer baby bid gets go-ahead A 2006, BBC news article about 'a couple from Leicester have been given permission by the fertility watchdog to have a 'saviour sibling' in a bid to help their sick 20-month-old daughter.' (articles and news)
How designer children will work How gene manipulation can produce designer babies eg mapping the human genome, genetic pre-screening and choosing from the genetic menu.
Mother carrying designer baby A BBC news article, 2004, about 'a woman who was given permission to have embryo screening treatment in a bid to save her son is carrying the UK's first 'designer baby' '.
Who's afraid of designer babies? This BBC website provides questions and answers about designer babies and genetic technology. Topics include pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), cloning and gene therapy. 

DNA fingerprinting

This video looks at how DNA fingerprinting is used in forensic science to help locate missing children. (Source: Charles Darwin University)

Genetically modified organisms and the environment

Xenotransplantation - online resources

The issues

Cloning - online resources

Cloning extinct animals

Stem Cells - online resources


Australian Stem Cell Channel

Genetically modified food - online resources

FAQ on genetically modified foods (World Health Organisation)

The issues

Gene technology issues

Does genetic research threaten our civil liberties? By Philip Bereano, Ph.D., J.D.
Global issues Genetically engineered food
Greenpeace Genetically engineered food
Social, ethical and economic implications of Genetic Engineering A guide from S-cool for revising the topic.

Nature's genes but whose profits? Gene patenting.
The Human Genome project - Your Genes, your choices.