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MHS Library | Biotechnology Documentary - Year 10 project

Biotechnology Documentary

For this assignment you need to:

For this assignment you need to work in groups of 2 to:

  • Examine a current issue in biotechnology
  • Find an primary news article about your chosen topic
  • Include information from at least 3 other sources that supports or contradicts the primary news article
  • Create a 6-9 minute video documentary that examines the issues presented in the article
  • Include a bibliography using the APA Referencing system.

Quick Tips - Read before you start

  1. Plan how you will tackle the research.
  2. Identify possible resources to use such as: journal articles, books, newspaper articles, or websites.
  3. Locate resources in the library and online.
  4. Evaluate the resources you have found critically.
  5. Document the details of the resources you use.


​Quick tips for search

  • Refine your searches to get the best possible results
  • Always think about the evaluation criteria - is the information you are using relevant, current, authoritative and reliable?
  • Consider how authoritative your sources are
  • Think about the credibility of the web pages; are they suitable for scholarly purposes?
  • Be critical in your use of websites, and if you use Wikipedia, use it as a starting point only. Check out Wikipedia's reference list for sources.

Finding books in the library

Finding books in the library

The non-fiction collection is organised by Dewey numbers for subjects and topics.
Broad areas:
Ethics 174.957  Science 573.212  Technology 660.65

You should search for keywords or subjects in the catalogue, but we have also provided help with Dewey numbers according to specific topics:

174.957 (Ethics); 616.079 (Medical Technology); 615.372 (Disease); 571.89 (Cloning); 660.65 (Cloning - Applied Technology); 616.02774 (Embryonic Stem Cell Research); 363.1929 (Consumer Ed.)/ 631.5233 & 636.0821 (Agriculture) - Farming GM crops; 613.262 (Health); Designer babies/Germ line gene therapy: 574.87/616.042 (medical)/ 615.895 (disease)/ 660.65 (technology).

Finding magazines in the library

Finding magazines in the library

Search the library catalogue for Cosmos, Discover and New Scientist.

We also have New Scientist digital access

New Scientist 

New Scientist is the world’s most popular weekly science and technology magazine. It covers international news from a scientific standpoint, and asks the big-picture questions about life, the universe and what it means to be human.

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