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Biotechnology Documentary - Year 10 project: Home

For this assignment you need to:

For this assignment you need to work in groups of 2 to:

  • Examine a current issue in science
  • Find an article about your chosen topic
  • The primary news article must be relevant to the concepts you have studied in science
  • Include information from at least 3 other sources that supports/contradicts the primary news article
  • Create a 6-9 minute video documentary that examines the issues presented in the article
  • Reference using the Harvard reference system


The KWHLAQ chart may help you when you're working on this assignment

Evaluating resources

Evaluating resources:

A number of factors must be considered when analysing the resources that you have used, such as:

  • The scientific content - is it accurate or not?
  • The detail provided - is the information discussed in depth or only superficially?
  • The accessibility of the language - is it easy to read and understand?
  • The credibility of the source - can you trust the information given by the source?
  • The bias or impartiality of the source - are both sides of the argument covered equally?

Further considerations in evaluating resources:


  • Is a year or date of creation displayed on the web page (usually at the bottom of the page)?
  • When was the information last updated?
  • How old is the information on the web page?

Authority - Individual Authors

  • Who has written or contributed to the web page (usually in an About Me link)?
  • What qualifications or professional positions does the writer hold?
  • Are the author's qualifications and experience relevant to the subject being written about?
  • What other publications has the author been involved in?

Authority - Organisations

  • Which organisation has published the web page (Click on the About Us link)?
  • Is it a commercial or non-profit organisation?
  • Is there a political, commercial or other agenda for publishing the material?


  • Does the author provide supporting evidence for their claims?
  • Is the author's argument presented in a logical manner?
  • Does the author use neutral language?
  • Is there a bibliography or list of references at the end of the web page?

Search eResources in our databases


Ebsco Host online journal and newspaper articles including:

  • The AgeThe Australian and The Herald Sun in full text
  • EbscoHost Research databases
  • Australia/New Zealand Points of View 
  • Science Reference Centre
  • Explora Secondary Schools


Echo (newspaper index and issue outlines)

Search eResources

Search eResources

Ebsco Host

In Ebsco: Science Reference Centre

Browse by category -> Applied Sciences -> Technology -> Biotechnology

  • Refine your results  eg. Full text, date, source type, subject &/or publication type  
  • Below Publication Date, click Show More
  • Refine your results for reading level by clicking Show More under 'Limit to" : Lexile Reading Level

Or do a keyword search once you're in Biotechnology

In Ebsco: Australia/New Zealand Points of View Reference Centre 

  • Browse by Category eg Ethics
  •  Select a topic
  • Look at Related Information
  • Select one of the options
  • Refine your results
  • Browse by Publications eg New Scientist
  • Search within this publication
  • Add your keywords
  • Refine your results

In Ebsco: Explorer Secondary Schools

  • Select Science and Math
  • Select a category eg. stem cells
  • Refine your search

In Ebsco: Explorer - Australia/New Zealand

  • Select Science and Mathematics
  • Select a category eg Cloning
  • Refine your search


Visit the Melbourne High School Library Databases for login details

  • Search Media Issue Outlines for newspaper articles
  • Enter your keyword/s in box and click search‚Äč

Finding books in the library

Finding books in the library

The non-fiction collection is organised by Dewey numbers for subjects and topics.
Broad areas:
Ethics 174.957  Science 573.212  Technology 660.65

You should search for keywords or subjects in the catalogue, but we have also provided help with Dewey numbers according to specific topics:

174.957 (Ethics); 616.079 (Medical Technology); 615.372 (Disease); 571.89 (Cloning); 660.65 (Cloning - Applied Technology); 616.02774 (Embryonic Stem Cell Research); 363.1929 (Consumer Ed.)/ 631.5233 & 636.0821 (Agriculture) - Farming GM crops; 613.262 (Health); Designer babies/Germ line gene therapy: 574.87/616.042 (medical)/ 615.895 (disease)/ 660.65 (technology).

Finding magazines in the library

Finding magazines in the library

Search the library catalogue for Cosmos, Discover, New Scientist and Scientific American 

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Subject guide created by

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