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MHS Library | Chinese contemporary art

About Yin Xiuzhen

A leading female figure in Chinese contemporary art, Yin Xiuzhen (b. 1963, Beijing, China) began her career in the early 1990s following her graduation from Capital Normal University in Beijing where she received a B.A. in oil painting from the Fine Arts Department in1989. Her artworks have been shown extensively in various international exhibitions. Best known for her works that incorporate second-hand objects, Yin uses her artwork to explore modern issues of globalization and homogenization.

Yin Xuizhen, born in 1963 and Beijing-based, is meanwhile acknowledged to be one of the most relevant contemporary Chinese artists. In her strongly space- and site-oriented works she deals with the prevailing problems caused by the extremely rapid developments within today's Chinese society. This involves ecological, social and political issues as well as gender-topics. Time and again she is concerned with the idea of securing and documenting, but also with the transfer of identities. She converts her ideas in seemingly ambivalent materials: On the one hand she uses rough substances like concrete or old roof-tiles, but at the same time she also uses rather 'intimate' textures, strongly tied to the sphere of personal memories, like pieces of clothes worn by her friends, that she sews up and reworks in her installations… She repeatedly points to the personal dimension of the violence following the fundamental transformation-processes in Chinese society.  (Source:

Art works

Art Works

Ladder, 2007
stainless steel, socks
490 x 35 x 5 cm 

Weapon (box #010), 2007
everyday objects
231.5 x 80.5 x 66.5 cm (in box)