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MHS Library | Biology


Facts of Life Describes the changes of puberty.This site considers the emotional as well as the biological changes that children will go through. Topics include life, cells, food, puberty, sex and variation.
18 ways to make a baby This is the companion web site to PBS NOVA television program that investigates the world of assisted reproduction. Here is what you will find online: The 18 Ways (And Then Some), On Human Cloning, Fertility Throughout Life, How Cells Divide (Hot Science), Resources and a Teacher's Guide.
The hormone factory  For 10-12 year olds. Sections include: Baby making, My body, Sex stuff, and Feeling good, feeling bad. The site was developed by researchers and educators for the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University.
The Visible Embryo This website has a spiral that represents the 23 stages occurring in the first trimester of pregnancy and every two weeks of the second and third trimesters. Students can use the spiral to navigate through the 40 weeks of pregnancy and examine the unique changes in each stage of human development.
Which embryo is Human?