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English Language resources by year level

Welcome to the MHS English Language page. If you need help locating or using English Language resources, you can contact me (Tania Sheko) in Teams or email me

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Year 11

Year 12

Why is English spelling so inconsistent?

Overview of Units 1&2

Online resources

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Collocations are combinations of words which frequently occur together.
For example, 'solve a problem' and 'highly successful' are collocations. Browse the Collocations Dictionary

Emoji in Macmillan Dictionary.

Macmillan Thesaurus

The Historical Thesaurus of English

The Phrase Finder 

Online Etymology Dictionary includes interesting changes to known words and phrases, eg.:

Obviously for a long time online has meant "what I'm about to claim is not at all obvious, but I don't care to offer evidence or proof, so I'll pre-emptively bully you into feeling stupid if you think about it." Admittedly, it saves space. Interestingly seems to have acquired a similarly annoying sense.