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Gonski 2.0 education reforms

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Coalition won't reveal conditions attached to Gonski 2.0 until mid-2018. (The Guardian)  

Turnbull announces "Gonski 2.0" funding program for schools. (Huffington Post)

What is the Gonski 2.0 plan for schools funding? (SBS News)

Gonski 2.0: Is this the school funding plan we have been looking for? Finally, yes. (The Conversation)

Abbott questions Turnbull's schools plan. (The Conversation)

Catholics vow to go hard in school fight with government. (The Conversation)

Schools funding: David Gonski is backski  (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Free public education: Gonski reforms are all but dead  (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Government bastardised Gonski plan: Greens MP (The Australian)

Educating Australia: Why our schools aren't improving  (ABC News)

The quality reforms needed to get all Australian students ahead. (

Our school funding system is unfair and holding Australia back. Here's how to fix it. (ABC News)

Coalition school funding changes do  not go far enough to fix education system. (The Age)

Education revolution redux: Turnbull gives a Gonski after all. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Catholic schools' money claims over Gonski 2.0 lack credibility (The Age)  

School funding: The 3 things parents need to know about Gonski 2.0 (The Sydney Morning Herald)  

Gonski 2.0 or Conski 2.0? (The Spectator Australia)  

Gonski school funding: Wealthy schools to have funding slashed as Turnbull government redirects funds. (The Sydney Morning Herald)  
Gonski: The big questions that need to be answered. (Australian Financial Review)  
Mr Gonski, start from here. (Australian Financial Review) PM's full Gonski aims higher than Labor (Australian Financial Review)  

The Gonski Report - Review of funding for schooling (final report) - Australian Government  

What's in the Gonski report? (ABC News)  
Did Gonski get it right? School funding and performance. (by Ken Gannicott)  
Catholic schools offer twisted logic on Gonski. (Australian Financial Review)

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