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Biology: Implants

Bionic Man

Bionic Woman: Hollywood Sci-Fi vs. Reality

The new TV remake features quite a wakeup call: After a car accident, Jamie Sommers becomes a government soldier, fully equipped with robotic limbs, super senses, brain chips and quick-healing blood cells. We asked the experts if any of the show’s far-out science was (super)humanly possible.

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Biomaterials: Body Parts for the future Cheryl R. Blanchard
Implanted devices
Medical devices U.S. Food and Drug Admistration
Innovation A PBS website that examines recent innovations. Topics include bionics.

Rebuilding a Battered Body
Once the stuff of science fiction, bionic devices are quickly becoming integrated into medical practice and transforming human lives.

Cochlear Implants

NIDCD U.S. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Healthy Hearing
History of Cochlear implants History of cochlear implants and links to sign language, deaf culture and history, and famous deaf people.
Introduction to Cochlear Implants, by Philipos C. Loizou, examines cochlear implants, how they work, the factors affecting performance and acoustic simulations of cochlear implants.
Sound and Fury  PBS site which contains information about deafness, cochlear implants and their history as well as lesson plans which look at deafness and diversity and the science of sound.
Sound from Silence: The Development of Cochlear Implants.
Dallas Otolarngoglogy cochlear implant Program Description of cochlear implants, their history, the devices that are available, surgical procedures and the benefits of having cochlear implants.

Artificial Heart

Access Excellence site contains an interview with cardiothoracic surgeon, Mehmet Oz, MD, who describes the status of heart transplantation and why artificial hearts and ventricular assist devices are needed. There are also links to other sites about heart technology.
Artificial heart technology. It also has links to heart basics, electric hearts and heart transplants.
Electric Heart Topics include a map of the human heart, a page of heart facts, a short biography of pioneering surgeon: O. H. Frazier, and a Shockwave interactive site where a heart transplant operation can be followed.
Pacemakers CHFPatients


Virtual knee surgery Take on the role of the Surgeon throughout a total knee replacement surgery
Illinois Bone and Joint Institute animated step-by-step explanation of the replacement procedure

Making a Database

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Microsoft Access

Access 2007 Help and How-to From Microsoft
Getting started