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MHS Library | Year 9 - Melbourne Project

The task

The Task

Melbourne regularly makes it into 'top ten' lists: most livable cities, most sporting cities, most culturally diverse cities... But how much do you actually know about Australia's second largest city?

In groups of 4, your task is to conduct an in-depth exploration of the city of Melbourne, focusing especially on an aspect of Melbourne life, chosen from the list below. Your findings will be presented in a 10 minute documentary suitable for a segment on Channel 10's "The Project".

Areas of focus

Choose one focus area from the following list. Each heading links to a more detailed explanation.

Literary Melbourne

Musical Melbourne

Sporting Melbourne

Linguistic Melbourne

Artistic Melbourne

Scientific Melbourne

Criminal and Commercial Melbourne

Humanitarian Melbourne

In Melbourne's mind

You are challenged to avoid the most obvious observations about your focus area; go beyond the tourist guide version of Melbourne, and explore its living, authentic, quirky heart.

First hand research

Your exploration of Melbourne must be a personal one. In conducting your research, you must physically visit relevant sites of interest (virtual visits won't be enough). You need to record evidence of your visits, in the form of video, audio or still photos, and include these in your documentary.

Artistic Melbourne

Image source

What are the latest art commissions for Melbourne? What's the most expensive piece of street art? How long does it take to create an art project?

What do art curators do? Go ahead and ask!

National Gallery of Victoria 

Ian Potter Museum of Art

Public Art projects - City of Melbourne

Art in parks and gardens  

Art in the city  

Street art  


Art on the waterfront

Melbourne graffiti - guide to locations


Art, statues and monuments in the City

Wander Melbourne's city streets and intimate laneways to find inspiring works of art in some surprising places. See some examples here.   

What is the gender proportion of statues in Melbourne? What is the gender proportion of commissioned artists?



Discover more statues here.

Statues and monuments and their locations

Public Art - This is very useful if you're planning your walk since it provides locations. 

Where to find street art in Melbourne.

Buskers and street entertainers

Ever wonder how easy it is to make a living by busking? Why not talk to the buskers around Melbourne?

The city of Melbourne is full of buskers and street performers. Visit this website to see where you are most likely to find them.



Did you know?

Image source

Did you know...

that the use of lithium to treat bipolar disorder was invented in Melbourne?

that the bionic ear was invented in Melbourne?

that Melbourne used to be bigger than Sydney before 1920s?

that places that are now hip and cool used to be crime-ridden working class, poor neighbourhoods?

that St Kilda Road used to be a country road between the city and St Kilda where people were held up by bushrangers?


Sport - Australia's religion


Visit The G‚Äč  and the National Sports Museum to kick a footy and other interactive stuff. Why not interview some of the members?

The Australian Grand Prix

AAMI Park The bio-frame roof design is unique in Australia and the world. What are some of it's unique features?

Investigate the city's professional sporting clubs that call Melbourne and Olympic Parks home. 

Musical Melbourne

Interested in finding out about the diversity of music happening in Melbourne? Get an overview or focus on a musical genre.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

Melbourne International Jazz Festival 

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

Victorian Opera 

Musica Viva 

Choirs of Melbourne (alphabetical listing)

Federation Bells - You can submit a composition for the bells!


Scientific Melbourne

The Royal Society of Melbourne -  Join up or talk to people about what they do.


The Young Scientists of Australia Become a Young Scientist! Or talk to people about what's involved.

Law and Order Melbourne


The Coroners Court

The Old Russell Street Police Headquarters

The Magistrates Court

The Supreme Court

What are you interested in finding out from people working in our legal system?

Botanical Melbourne


What do Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens do? Can anyone join?

Melbourne parks and gardens

City of Melbourne - Parks

The White Hat guide to Melbourne's Parks


Please read our license before re-using or sharing

Discover themed and hidden bookshops

Image source

Make time to talk to the people who organise author talks at The Wheeler Centre.

The Wheeler Centre Books, writing, ideas

What kind of questions would you ask people who work in these bookshops?

The Haunted Bookshop - cult horror and sci-fi classics

Travellers Bookstore - dedicated to your travel experiences

Metropolis Bookstore - art, graphic design, architecture, photography, textiles, music, film and more

Minotaur - the pop culture megastore

To be or not to be

What would you ask a philosopher?

School of Philosophy, Melbourne

Existentialist Society For those who question whether life has a meaning and a purpose. 

Degraves Street Recycling Facility - Environmental Melbourne

Degraves Street Recycling Facility 

Find out how this initiative based in Ross House basement carpark is dealing with Degraves Street waste in a creative way.

What are other recycling initiatives in Melbourne?

Council House 2 - Our Green Building (Environmental Melbourne)

Interested in architecture? urban design? the environment? Why not find out all you can about Council House 2?

CH2 is located at 240 Little Collins Street, Melbourne.

Council House 2 - our green building

CH2 has been designed to not only conserve energy and water, but improve the wellbeing of its occupants through the quality of the internal environment of the building. CH2 demonstrates a new approach to workplace design, creating a model for others to learn from and follow.  

What else can you find out about environmentally friendly buildings in Melbourne?


Environmental Melbourne

Think about what you would like to find out about environmental projects in the CBD.

Friends of the Earth Food Co-op

The Climate Reality Project

Clean Up Australia - volunteers welcome

Conservation Volunteers

More and more community gardens are springing up in Melbourne. Here are 5 of the best.

Above: the gardens on the roof of Federation Square

Federation Square and Pop-Up Vegetable gardening

Location: back of Fed Square above the carpark. (See where other pop-up veggie patches are here.)

What other community gardens and gardening initiatives can you find? Go and talk to people who are involved.


Charitable Melbourne


Talk to people who run the very important charity organisations in our communities.

Urban Seed 

Urban Seed is a small, community based organisation that responds to poverty in Victoria. The hub is Credo Café – a colourful, friendly place that has been carved out of the basement of Collins Street Baptist Church. 

The Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

Melbourne City Mission

Feed Melbourne

The Big Issue

Vendors come from all walks of life with many . Some are homeless; some have intellectual of physical disabilities and some are struggling with addictions. All of our vendors have been marginalised through their circumstances and are looking to improve their lives.

Melbourne City Mission