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MHS Library | Visual Communication Design


•   Point
-   A dot is a point that when larger becomes a circle shape
-   If the mark is used to highlight a particular piece of information or it is used in a decorative manner then we can assume it is a point
-   Commonly found on maps
-   Example:  include © 

Visual communications (VC’s) , or parts of them can be made from point or point can be used to draw attention to certain important areas of a visual communication.
Point is simple to discuss. It can be round, square, contrast weakly or strongly with its background.There may be single points or multiples together creating a pattern or texture.
How can point make us feel?

Point is not a very expressive design element itself but used in multiples they can either create order in a map or create warm, natural patterns in rendering. This is great if a designer wants to create a more hand-made feeling in their design. (Read more about 'point' on this blog.)