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MHS Library | Visual Communication Design

Applications, practice and history of design

Architecture, graphic design, illustration, stationery, wallpaper, sustainable design

History of graphic design


A wide range of design inspiration

UK design studio with a broad variety of work

‘Between the Folds’ trailer and details. This film is about paper engineering and its incredible

applications in terms of pattern, texture, form.

Lots of interesting links, illustration, design, ideas, colour, pattern, building design with objects.

Excellent resource for packaging inspiration

Smashing Magazine - Website about the latest in logo, website and general design 

Packaging design

PBS Learning - Visual Art

A short video on letterpress by Naomi Ross (1.5 mins) 

Designer Daily - daily news with design inspiration and resources

Application for illustration – music - Lucy Everett


Vanity barcode

Flavorwire - Cultural news and critique

Grain Edit - book covers

Festival posters

Soviet posters

AGDA Professional Practice

Postcarden - Creative use of cards; greeting cards, promotion, events (illustration, paper engineering)

Logo design, business cards, packaging