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How to ace study skills: What are your peers recommending?
How to boost your learning through note-taking: There is more than one way or purpose for note-taking
How to ace critical literacies: Is it true?

How to ace critical thinking:The ability to think clearly and rationally.

How to find free images, music and sound: Source ethically, give credit.

How to ace orals and speeches: Skills you can learn and practise.
How to cite your sources: Learn academic rigour.

How to research: Learn the research cycle.
How to understand plagiarism: Understand it so you can avoid it.
How to ace academic writing: Learn the skills for all types of writing.
How to ace academic reading: Scanning, skimming and more.


Civics and Citizenship - Year 9
Melbourne Project 

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Our Co-Curricular Programs

Join WIG's Friday lunchtime meetings for good times writing together.

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Everyone is welcome to join Writing Club (WIG) (Friday lunchtimes). Be the voice for MHS, and enjoy our relaxed meetings with fun writing activities.

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The Disruptors are a small group of students who event manage the Library space for any student events. They intend to disrupt the Library space outside class periods, and give the students of the school a space.

We recommend reads!

Have you ever wondered what books our School Captain or your Head of House have enjoyed reading? 

Wonder no more! Scroll through for more information.

Need ideas for what to read? We can help.

Have you read a good book recently? Write a review, send it to us in Teams (Ask The Library) and we will publish it here. 

Happy Reading!

Available NOW in the MHS library.

The Rain Heron  by [Australian] Robbie Arnott has been described  as an eco-fable, a parable and myth. In the style of magical realism the story brings together Ren - a failed farmer, now living as a hermit in the mountains; Zoe - growing up on the coast, harvesting ink from squid with her aunt; and Daniel - a young medic, joining the army after a brutal coup. The evocative descriptions of the land and seascapes add further dimensions to a compelling story in which the characters, in turn, attempt to find - and hide - the mythical Rain Heron. 

Please read our license before re-using or sharing

Please read our license before re-using or sharing.