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Google Drive for collaboration: Home

Working on Google Docs together

If you've ever worked on a group project you'll know how difficult it can be to collaborate, especially out of school hours. How do you share your stuff with your group members or organise meetings? Hundreds of emails back and forth? Do you organise each member to write a section of the project and then try to put the whole thing together? Messy! How do you edit the whole project collectively? 

Here is the answer - Google Docs. Google Docs is part of the Google Drive suite of tools which also includes Forms, Presentations, Sites and more.

What's so good about Google Docs? You just create the document, share it with your friends and now you can all work on it together - without saving! Wherever you open the same doc, you have the latest version right there, and you can see anyone working on it in real time. The comment section allows for easy conversation. You can upload pictures and videos right into the doc, so that it becomes a big, comprehensive collection of everything you need for your project. 


Google Drive for iPad