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MHS Library | How can chemical principles be applied to create a more sustainable future?

Investigation topic 4: The sustainability of a commercial product or material

In Australia, new materials that are useful for society tend to be produced through a linear economy in which products are purchased, used and then thrown away. Increasingly, manufacturing companies are moving towards a circular economy, which seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption while enabling economic growth through more productive use of natural resources and creation of less waste.

Research questions that may be explored in this investigation include:

· What is ‘green steel’ and what are the implications of its production for human health and the environment?

What is steel?

Australian university impacts Green Steel and its technologies



WWF Finland

Changes in production of steel

Katha's ePoint. (2021). How does Fossil-Free Steel Production work? [Green Steel | Hydrogen Steelmaking] [YouTube Video]. In YouTube.

What is ‘green’ steel and aluminium?

Seeing green: low carbon steel and aluminium target reduced emissions

Kikken, N. (2021, January 20). Seeing green: low carbon steel and aluminium target reduced emissions - ECOS. ECOS.

Human health

Periodic Table for Biologists