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MHS Library | What is leadership?

The library can help you

When you're applying for a leadership position, teacher librarians can help you in the following ways:

  • Proof-read your application and provide constructive feedback
  • Set up mock interviews in Teams which provide:
    • a panel including a student with a leadership role
    • interview questions similar to those in your interview
    • a private video recording you will be able to download and watch for self evaluation

We have had very positive feedback from students who have undertaken the mock interviews. They have found them to be a valuable learning experience for the following reasons:

  • Good practice run which provides the opportunity for improvement
  • Coaching for general and specific interview techniques
  • Excellent feedback, especially from current leaders who have experienced the interview themselves
  • First-hand suggestions for examples to be used in the interview
  • Encouragement provided by the panel 
  • An opportunity to ask questions of the panel
Ms Monica Morscheck  Ms Suzannah Hawtin  Ms Tania Sheko

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Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash