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MHS Library | Year 9 History

Year 9 History

Welcome to History at Melbourne High School!

Use our Library Guides to discover essential information, outlines to your units and helpful research tips.
All information aligns with The Victorian Curriculum for History

Preview to Unit 1: Interconnection and Expansion

The  Age of Discovery - a period from the 15th - 18th centuries defined by maritime exploration and globalisation, in which the world became more interconnected and trade became more pronounced between societies.

The key focus of your studies for this unit will be the topics: 

  • European Exploration 
  • The Columbian Exchange 
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade

Preview to Unit 3: Making a Nation

This unit of work looks at the early development of Australia as a nation. The history of Australia is a complex and disputed one.

You will investigate Australia's history through the following topics:

  • Tens of thousands of years of Indigenous habitation and culture
  • British colonisation and settlement, including the settlement of Victoria
  • The Gold Rush



Preview to Unit 2: The Modern Revolution

Beginning in the early 1700's, The Modern Revolution included The Industrial Revolution, The scientific Revolution and the birth of Colonial Powers.


The Key Focus of your studies for this topic will include: 

  • The Causes of The Industrial Revolution 
  • The Inventions, effects and fallouts of The Industrial Revolution
  • The First contact between China and Europeans Powers
  • Colonialism in Australia.


Preview to Unit 4: World War I

In this unit you will have an depth look at the causes of World War I, also known as The Great War. The main focus of the topic will be on Australians involvement in the war.

The Key Topics that you will focus on in this unit of work will be: 

  • The Causes of World War 1
  • Life in the Trenches
  • The Australian experience at Gallipoli