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A table in word to graphs/charts

Quantitative data

Qualitative data

Follow a simple process for organising and coding the qualitative data. In this process you will need to code using a pre-defined set of themes or unpack themes (without prior expectations) as you read the qualitative data. It is crucial that you articulate your coding legend.

It is recommend that you read at least 25% of your data before making a first judgement about possible themes and where each piece of data might sit. Once you have completed the coding you should ask a peer to read through the same data and check to see if they agree with your coding.

Read more about thematic analysis


Word choices

Results should be written as an EXPLICIT commentary or narrative and may include;

  • explanations
  • comparisons between results
  • comments on whether the results are expected or unexpected
  • comments about unsatisfactory data.

Examples of word choices

The graph x/table y shows that...

The  graph x/table y indicates that...

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