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MHS Library | Melbourne High School Library Sandbox copy

Library webinars were recorded for your viewing

Using the EBSCO database to find relevant peer-reviewed information

Maintaining your privacy online - Friday 4 Sept

Organising yourself on MHS platforms

How to improve your formal writing (and grammar)

Y9 Making informative and authentic speeches

Y10 Making informative and authentic speeches

Slide:ology. The art of making great slides

How to manage your day!

Yr9 Note Taking

Yr10 Note Taking

Goal Setting

Time Management

Writing - editing tips & tricks - Wednesday 2 Sept

Q+A: What might a Covid-normal MHS look like? (Student panel)

Tips for a successful interview (Year 9)

Preparing for leadership interviews (year 10)

Preparing for leadership interviews (year 11)

Interview about leadership interviews with 2021 School Vice Captain

Interview about leadership interviews with 2021 school captain.


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