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Tania Sheko

Hi, I coordinate a dedicated and creative team of student leaders who are the driving force of WIG. Please contact me in Teams or email me at if you have any questions about the club. You can also contact the student leaders in Teams. 

Being a writer

Who are we?

2020 LeadershipTeam: Captain: Amogh Kulkarni;  Vice Captain: Matt San Buenaventura; Nick Huang, Thiv Edirisinghe, and Ananya Goswami.

Find WIG on Teams: WIG Writing Interest Group

From 2019 WIG leaders as they finish school in 2020

These year 12 leaders have continued to interact with WIG and even contributed to writing workshops and publications during their busiest year. 

Ari Guha (2019 leader): I really am proud of how far WIG has come along. When I think back on my time at MHS, this will definitely be a highlight of my time here and I'm going to miss the sense of community we've built throughout these past 4 years. I'm super grateful for being in a school that values and encourages this much creativity and I hope I'm lucky enough to experience more opportunities where I can express myself creatively. WIG has some of the brightest minds of Melbourne High, and I hope future cab members can carry on the club's light and nurture these talents. Thankyou all.

Safwan Aziz (2019 Captain): 

I’ll drop a little heartfelt message too. WIG was the first club I actually became a member of when I came to MHS and I’m so proud to see how much it’s grown and developed over the years. I have to say, I think it’s one of the most positive and supportive environments in all of MHS and I’m so glad for the opportunity to be part of it. I really do treasure all the memories over the past 4 years, and I really do appreciate how this club became an outlet for my creativity. So thanks everyone for being a part of this with me. 

Shiraan Kuganesan (2019 leader): I just wanted to thank Ms Sheko and everyone for the past few years at this amazing club. As a yr 12 it's been great to see the club excel this yr and hope WIG continues to break boundaries in the future.

Thivina Edirisinghe (Year 11 leader): Best of luck for the year 12s for their exams. It’s been great to see them  consistently attending the WIG  meetings which is just a testament to the great community this club provides.

Who are we?

Writing Interest Group (WIG) is an inclusive, supportive community of writers who love to write, share writing, write collaboratively and publish their writing in the group's blog, Stories @MHS.

WIG welcomes all students who are interested in writing, and is not concerned with any perceived level of expertise. 

The group is coordinated by teacher librarian, Tania Sheko, and led by enthusiastic, innovative student leaders. Leadership in the group is informed by a welcoming of all students, regardless of ability, valuing of community, sharing responsibilities, respect for all, and encouragement of creative initiatives. Past and current leaders have all been models of this type of leadership.

2020 LeadershipTeam: Captain: Amogh Kulkarni;  Vice Captain: Matt San Buenaventura; Nick Huang, Thiv Edirisinghe, Ananya Goswami and Adit Sivakumar.

In 2019 the group published its first hard-copy magazine, WICK.

“WICK is the celebration of student voice and creativity in published form. This inaugural issue offers a selection of writing styles and themes, many of which articulate issues embedded in the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program at Melbourne High School. Melbourne High School is committed to generational and cultural change through education and workplace practice to help create a future free from domestic violence.

Members are encouraged to join the private Facebook group, WIG - MHS Writing Interest Group, to stay informed. The group is also a place for discussion, sharing of ideas and online resources.

The group meets every Friday at lunchtime in the GLC. Members are welcome to bring their lunch and should probably bring their laptop.

During Covid19 WIG continues to meet and write in Teams. WIG leaders announce these writing sessions through student channels and also in the Facebook group.

We write and we publish

Literary Devices