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MHS Library | History Revolutions

STEP 1. INTRODUCTORY reading on your chosen individual to formulate your questions.

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SUBMIT your FORMULATED QUESTIONS to your Teacher for checking.


STEP 2. Identifying KEYWORDS in your formulated questions

For example

Formulated question "How did the consequences of revolution shape the new order?"

ASIDE: Getting ready to research with Chrome

MHS Library suggests creating a undefined 

account via the MyBib website, then create a project to collect your citations and use the MyBib Chrome extension to collect citations as you research.


Chrome extension is essential if you are researching via search engines.

ASIDE: Visual search engine

If you are a visual learning, enter your Revolutionary Leaders name and select undefined to visualise and catergorise the search results. This may not work at school but you could try it at home.


If you need further support or have questions, come and see me in the Library.

Search Strategy VCE History Revolutions

VCE History Revolutions, Unt 3: France

Area of Study 2: Consequences of Revolution: October 1789-1795

Outcome 2: Historical Inquiry: Investigation of the role of a leader of the French Revolution.

STEP 3. COLLECTING YOUR INFORMATION using databases e.g. EbscoHost


From the MHS Libguides select 'Search databases, articles, etc.' then select 'EbscoHost' or scroll down further and select the History Reference Centre (Ebsco).

The EBSCO journal articles will contain both PRIMARY and SECONDARY sources of information. Select 'online full text'. You also have the option to select 'peer reviewed' results.

For example

You can select 'Additional Information' for source details:

"Access options" enable you to view the document online or download a pdf.


Note: Don't be put off the primary school interface.

Finding PRIMARY sources of information. Use your Revolutionary Leader's name

Searching in undefined using the words "primary source" in the search bar

For example



Finding SECONDARY sources of information. Use your Revolutionary Leader's name and your keywords from your formulated questions.

Searching using undefined and using the features undefined and undefined

For example


Further online resources:

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution website

Website which provides both summaries and in-depth explorations of The French Revolution. Includes essays and other text documents, images, maps and a timeline.

Eyewitness to History
Provides historical accounts from the point of view of people who experienced the event.