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Clay target club newsletter

Senator Bridget McKenzie signing up as our newest member. She was very pleased to get a club hat, too.


Matt Motha forgot his manners and beat Senator McKenzie at DTL. Bad move, Matt, you might need a reference one day.

Senator Bridget McKenzie, the Federal Minster for Sport, visited our club on Friday the 25th of January, her second visit in recent months. Senator McKenzie is a keen shooter and she came to get an update on the various challenges facing our club. She met some of the committee members and Brian Reid gave her a detailed briefing on our EPA status. She was also brought up to date with damage caused by December's storms and the progress being made to replace ruined equipment.

Not many gun clubs can claim federal ministers amongst their membership, but the Wangaratta Clay Target Club now can. While here to talk to the committee, Bridget signed up to our club as a full fee paying member. She is moving her electorate office to our region and chose our club to show her support for the work we are doing to not only keep the club active, but to continually improve all aspects of our operations.

In spite of the blistering heat, Bridget was keen to have a shot, so she borrowed Brian's Beretta and challenged Matt Motha to a quick round of DTL. Matt is too young to understand the needs of politics and diplomacy, so he hit all his targets and beat the good senator. Let's hope she doesn't hold a grudge.