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MHS Library | The Leopard - Tomasi di Lampedusa

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Symbol and Structure in The Leopard (Jeffrey Meyers) - Select the 2nd entry in search results to view full article 
The Leopard is a richly symbolic novel from the first scene during the Rosary to the final moment when the carcass of Bendicò is flung out the window. The symbols form two categories: there are those which emerge and disappear only to be found later in a somewhat varied form, like a pattern of dolphins leaping through the sea.
Don Fabrizio's walk in the garden: why do I smell something dead? (Kevin Bongiorni)
From its first page to its last, death plays a major part in Tomasi Di Lampedusa's Il Gattopardo. There is no more striking image of death than that of the dead soldier under the lemon tree in Don Fabrizio's garden, an image we are introduced to in the earliest pages of the book. 


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