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MHS Library | Socialist Feminist Theory

Socialist Feminist Theory (from Canvas)

Socialist Feminist Theory

The key aspects of the theory?

They claim that the patriarchy is not the only reason women are oppressed. They claim that capitalism allows men to be economically superior to women. They claim that "women are unable to be free due to their financial dependence on males." They claim that women are too dependent on men for wealth, therefore they are oppressed. They see economic dependence as the main driving force of women's subjugation to men, unlike radical feminists who see the patriarchy as the only main driving force of gender inequality.

They claim that the patriarchy and capitalism are closely interconnected and are oppressing women economically.

What phenomena does it best explain?

Wealth Inequality, Gender Inequality

The criticisms of the theory?

The theory asserts that men shouldn't be able to build up wealth or own private property, even if they have made this money legally and honestly as it would 'liberate women'. This ignores the adverse effect it would have on honest hardworking men, and the women who do want to build up wealth alongside a partner. It also states that a social revolution is needed as all social systems established until now are patriarchal in nature and oppress women.