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The rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon

Why women are sick of being told to 'stay safe'. (ABC News 15/06/18)
Women respond to Eurydice Dixon murder: 'We all have a right to walk home safely'. (The Guardian 15/06/18)
Eurydice Dixon: Grief must be a catalyst for change (The Courier 21/06/15)
Eurydice Dixon: How one woman's death put focus on 'male rage' in Australia (The Guardian 19/06/18)
Death penalty and safety at night (Bendigo Advertiser 23/06/18)
Women live in fear and men have no idea (The Age 23/07/18)
'Reason I live without fear': We need to listen to this cop's daughter (The Age 21/06/18)
Rape headlines you won't read anytime soon (The Age 23/06/18)
Where to direct your hate and hurt over Eurydice Dixon's death (The Age 20/06/18)
Talk to any woman, young or old, and you'll hear the same story (The Age 20/06/18)
The 'not all men' excuse is absurd (The Age 20/06/18)
Don't let Eurydice Dixon's death be a 'cautionary tale' (The Age 20/06/18)
Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor: Death penalty and safety at night (Bendigo Advertiser 23/06/18) 
'Let me guess... You told a woman to stay safe and she took offence?' (The Age 21/06/18)
We need to talk about the monsters ( 20/06/18)
Liberal party feminist Kelly O'Dwyer: Sexual harrassment is an economic issue (The Guardian 23/06/18)
This is what police should say after an act of gendered violence (The Guardian 20/06/18)
Men need to change: Anger grows over police response to Eurydice Dixon's murder (The Guardian 15/06/18)
"Stay safe": Why women are enraged by advice to steer clear of violent men (The Conversation 15/06/18)

Taking the long way home (The Saturday Paper 23/06/18) Longer article