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MHS Library | Current Media Issues 2018

Facebook, data mining and privacy

Too late to unfriend Facebook? Your MP knows more about you than ASIO (The Age, Opinion, 23 March 2018)
When it comes to Facebook we must focus on the message - not the form of delivery (The Age, 22 March 2018)
My cow game extracted your Facebook data (The Atlantic, 22 March, 2018)
Not bothered who can see your digital data? You might have 'surveillance apathy' (Opinion: ABC News, 8/11/17)
Should we step back from the marketing and data mining phenomenon that is social media? (Opinion: ON LINE Opinion, 26/3/18)
Facebook - to delete or not to delete? (Opinion/blog post, Shipwreck Librarian, 22/3/17)
Platform literacy in a time of mass gaslighting - OR - that time I asked Cambridge Analytica for my data (Opinion/blog post, Autumn Caines, 23/3/18)
David Carroll was fighting Cambridge Analytica before it was cool (Opinion/blog post, Paris Martineau, 21/3/18)
Facebooked, googled and recovering imagination (Sherri Spelic on Medium) 
Don't know what's scarier in this new Zuckerberg interview (Zeynep Tufekci on Twitter) 
Mark Zuckerberg, let me pay for Facebook (Opinion, mobile New York Times)
Fish that swim upstream and shipwrecks (Benjamin Doxtdator, opinion)
Don't delete Facebook, do something about it (Opinion, The New York Times)
Vows of digital poverty (Opinion, Michael Sacasas)
It's not just America: Zuckerberg has to answer for Facebook's actions around the world (Opinion, The Washington Post)
Yes, you should delete Facebook (Opinion, Medium)
The infuriating innocence of Mark Zuckerberg (Comment, The New Yorker)
We already know how to protect ourselves from Facebook (Opinion, The New York Times)
Facebook is not the problem. Lax privacy rules are. (Editorial, The New York Times)
The Guardian view on data protection: informed consent needed (Editorial, The Guardian)
Don't look to Facebook for transparency and security (Editorial, The Hamilton Spectator)
Social media users deserve a fairer go (Editorial, The Age)
Facebook's biggest event of the year revealed an uncomfortable truth (Business Insider, 10 April 2018)
So, yeah: Facebook is mining your Instagram photos, too (Futurism, 4 May 2018)
Shareholders won't force Zuckerberg's hand in Facebook's management (CNBC, 21 March 2018)
Websites see drastic decline in Facebook traffic (Statista, 22 February 2018)


Australia's immigration policy

Tony Abbott's speech on immigration contains flaws in logic (The Guardian)
Australians are getting poorer but it has nothing to do with immigrants (The Guardian)
Critics should remember that immigration drives Australia's success (The Age)
Would Peter Dutton pass his own citizenship test? (Right Now) limited access
Nomos' take on Australia's skilled migration intake (Nomos - business) 
Immigration farce shows Pauline Hanson was right all along (Courier Mail) 
Dead to me: The world according to Peter Dutton (Michelle Pini, Independent Australia, 26/03/18))
Peter Dutton's "fast track" for white South African farmers is a throwback to a long, racist history. (The Conversation, 19 March 2018)
How do we feel about a "big Australia"? That depends on the poll. (The Conversation, 16/03/2018)
Australian people are not cruel, just manipulated by the government. (SBS, 18/05/18)
If Australia takes in South Africans, we can't ignore the Rohingya (, 16/03/18)
The recent obsession with "African gangs" betrays a sad reality about Australian politics (Junkee, 3/01/18)
Burst your bubble: Australia's "African gang crisis" has been brewing for years (The Guardian Australia, 18.01/18)
"We're not a gang": the unfair stereotyping of African-Australians (The Guardian Australia, 6/01/18)
There's no denying it: Melbourne does have a problem with youth violence (Editorial, The Age, 2.01/18)
Stoking national insecurity: African gangs just the latest ruse (Opinion, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5/01/18)



Housing - letters (The Age, 17.03/18) (Housing: Older women, in ill health, poor and without a home; Freeing up money for affordable public housing)
Homeless numbers will keep rising until governments change course on housing (The Conversation, 16 March 2018)
How history can challenge the narrative of blame for homelessness (The Conversation, July 19 2017)
Canberra Times lettes to the editor: Homeless need more (Sydney Morning Herald, 27/3/18)
Invisible issue of homelessness in our community (letter: 2/8/18) Freemasons Hotel mooted for Gympie homeless for years (Gympie Times, 24/3/18)
Solving homelessness (Letter to the Editor, The Examiner, 20/1/18)